I don’t think I really introduced this blog/fyeah to the tumblr community properly. Oops. Well this fyeah is dedicated to Never Means Maybe, a pop-post-hardcore band from Chelmsford, Essex. They have played upwards of 400 shows in recent years, including stints at Download and Underage Festival….

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picture by Jordan Green

"Never Means Maybe are a pop-post-hardcore band from Chelmsford, Essex. Having been a part of at least 400 shows since forming in 2005 and gone through some line-up changes, this band proves that hard work really can get you places! Currently they are on tour with Fei Comodo and Exit Ten, all over the country, reaching out to the ever expanding fan-base they have created……"

A Poem inspired by National Poetry Day last week

The theme was Games, so here it is.

Family Games.

Family Games evening,
A mixture of all the games,
A Scrabble tile, A Monopoly house,
A Cluedo villain, A Mousetrap mouse,
Children fighting over the favourite pieces,
To go around a Ludo board,
A Boggle die makes an appearance, but,
A plastic pig lays forgotten, 
Nobody picked him up. 

by Amy Jane Fowler, 2011.

Next Week!

I shall have an interview with Josh Leach from Adelaide in print in my college magazine!

Which I shall then post on here..isn’t that exciting!? ;)


Amy Jane Fowler.

Really sorry for the inactivity on this blog.

Been having the summer off..

However it is now time to go back to college, so I can once again write for the magazine at my college.

And there will be more articles posted here.


Amy Jane Fowler

If you scroll down the page a little you can see my name - Amy Fowler - and read my article/review of the musicians performance in the Arts Festival at my college. 

Amy Fowler. :)

Mallory Knox - a review by Amy Fowler, originally published in Banter - Sixth Form College, Colchester

(not sure who took these pictures, if you do know, please let me know so that I can credit them)

Forming in late 2009 Mallory Knox was originally a creative outlet for the band, combining their various different influences to write music that they would love to listen to. Within three months of writing they had already played a handful of shows and fully established themselves in the local music scene. They, like many bands in the area at the moment, have a very loyal fanbase which led them to record their debut ep “Pilot”, the release of it was originally on CD to sell at shows but is also available for free download from their various social networking sites.Their management is SGR Management, Stuart Gili-Ross from Gallows, and played their first tour across the country with Never Means Maybe (featured in a previous issue of Banter). Also they are endorsed by Rockstar Energy Drink and have been signed to A Wolf At Your Door records.

All these achievements show the talent that these guys have and after being picked up by management so early in the career of the band also shows what an amazing band they are or can become. Go see them now! So in the future you can say…I saw this band when they were playing small venues..now look where they are!


One of my articles I wrote for college…

Might be featured in a COUNTY WIDE newspaper tomorrow! 

So excited, hope it actually happens.


Amy Fowler.

There they sat, their faces glowing in the firelight, completely oblivious to the rest of the world. A small smile crept upon his face, mirrored on hers, she fit snugly into his side and they watched the fire as the stars came out above them. She looked up, through the fire and saw the confusion on their friends faces and laughed. She poked him in the ribs and he laughed too, he drew his arm tighter around her and they looked up at the never ending skies above them.

An original short story by Amy Fowler, July 2011.

Going to start writing my novel again..

…This weekend. When I’ve finished all of my work for college. 

Will update you with the finer details as and when they arrive in my head ;).

Amy Jane Fowler xx